Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A 1928 Plan for the City of Vancouver & Others

The last month, and particularly the last few days, has seen a slew of reports and plans released. I thought it would be good to compile them all in once place for those interested and with lots of free time. And I mean a lot of free time. This probably adds up to more than 500 pages in total. Have fun!

There's the Cambie Corridor Plan in Vancouver, which lays out the future of Cambie street now that the Canada Line has strung it all together.

City of Vancouver Archives has released this digitized version of a 1928 plan for the City of Vancouver. The whole things can be downloaded as a 332-page PDF file that includes an exhaustive city plan along with maps, charts, and street cross-sections. BT Architects held an event surrounding the plan on April 26, 2011. Historical nerds, unite!

The Martin Prosperity Institute released their report, Who Cares About 15 Million Urban Voters, which quantifies Canada's urbanization and the place of cities in the federal election. This was also the subject of a panel discussion held a few weeks ago, which I covered for Torontoist.

For more electiony-type stuff, here's the election platform for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities [PDF], which among many other things calls for broader funding tools for cities as well as national strategies for transit and infrastructure.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released their Transportation Transformation document a few days ago, which looks to build "complete communities and a zero-emission transportation system in B.C."

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