Monday, August 9, 2010

Busses you can drive beneath, super high-speed trains, Soviet-style Tetris, vertical gardens, and a fake cloud in New York

China plans to build huge busses that you can drive underneath, with construction of the first 186km track to be started at the end of the year. But wait! China's not finished yet! They're also building a maglev train that will be capable of ground speeds of up to 1000km/h. After riding the GO train to Niagara Falls from Toronto a few days ago, a 1000km/h high-speed train is almost unimaginable.

But let's say you don't really care about crazy busses and high-speed trains and are more into, oh, I don't know, building Soviet-style apartment blocks in a giant game of Tetris. Well, now you can! Or, you can at least watch a video of how it's done.

Spain has created a six-story vertical garden in the town square of San Vincente del Raspeig, which to me looks like a big green patch-work quilt thrown over a building.

Architects, NAMELESS, propose a fake cloud in New York called PlayCloud, which, in my opinion, should be renamed The Big Giant White Jellyfish.

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