Friday, February 11, 2011

Imaginative cartography, Calgary Vs. Toronto, & Vancouver Bike Politics

Although I'm sure everyone and their dog has come across this video already, here is the New York subway system as music. And if that wasn't enough New York for you, Charles-Antoine Perraul at Columbia University asks what if Manhattan was designed like Paris? But Toronto has some cool creative graphic stuff, too. Like this reworked map of the Toronto bicycle network. Oh, wait, that's just sad.

Calgary's mayor Naheed Nenshi was in Toronto speaking about his ideas on civic engagement and city building. Careful, Mr. Nenshi, if you keep speaking so eloquently and responding to questions with thoughtful answers Torontonians might never let you leave the city. Meanwhile, headlining Toronto's civic news Rob Ford has a kidney stone removed and his brother tells a poverty activist to get a job. Seriously, Mr. Nenshi, don't go. Please.

In Vancouver-related bike news, Rob MacDonald rails in The Vancouver Sun against the city's separated bike lanes saying they are, among other things, unsafe for cyclists and a complete disaster--which prompts transportation economist and regional planner Stephen Rees to post a link on his blog to a study done in Montreal showing the exact opposite. Ah, bicycle politics, thou art so filled with rhetoric as to bring forth much bile.

If you can't stand all this back-and-forth bike related internet yelling (one look at the comment section of that Vancouver Sun article is enough to give anyone a coronary) then fear not, you'll soon be able to blow of some of that steam on Vancouver's to-be-built bicycle polo court in Grandview Park off Commercial Drive. The East Vancouver hipsters salute you, Vancouver Park Board--but only in a, like, you know, ironic way.

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