Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toothpickopolis, Rob Ford as Godzilla, Sheppard Subway Skewered, & Miniature Toronto in Russian

As I sit here in my pajamas, nursing a slight headache (thanks to the Spacing Magazine release party last night at the El Mocambo), and listening to the soothing sounds of honking from my back alley where yet again the white van I have come to loathe has blocked the only entrance/exit, I can't help feeling that today is not going to be a very productive day.

Compounding my feeling of unproductiveness is the story about a man who spent six years building an entire city out of toothpicks. That is some serious serious serious patience that I don't have. I get impatient just scrolling down looking at the photos. Of course now that he's done his toothpickopolis, he will spend the rest of his life guarding it from people who want to dress up like Godzilla and crush it in a rampage.

Speaking of Godzillas destroying cities in rampages, Rob Ford's proposal to privately build the Sheppard subway line has drawn the ire of newspaper columnists, transit advocates, Twitterites, and Blogonians everywhere. I'm particularly enjoying Marcus Gee of The Globe and Mail skewering first the economics of the proposal and then the ideology. But don't worry everyone, Rob Ford sent his brother Doug to chat with Matt Galloway and assure us all that the private sector will be holding all the risk if the development doesn't materialize. Really? You might want to clear that with them first, Dougie.

But, hey, if you're upset with the way the city is heading, why not bury your head in the nostalgic sand of times gone by and check out these old-timey photos at BlogTO that document Toronto dating back to 1850--which also, as it happens, is when Hazel Mccallion became mayor of Mississauga. Athankyouverymuch.

I'll leave you all with this slightly confusing somewhat terrifying but always awesome video on the Torontoist of a Russian music video that uses the magical powers of tilt-shift to reduce Toronto to mere miniature size.

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